Startup Ground Base / Pre-Incubation Program

12:13 2021-09-27

Do you have a passion to enter the world of entrepreneurship? Do you have an idea for a startup company?
Have you applied for an investment and you didn't get it?

Join us to be a part of the first specialized program for the pre-incubation stage to learn the important and basic things to develop your idea to be ready to enter the incubation stage or to get an investment in the right way.

The program will be implemented through a strategic partnership between SYFS and Flow Accelerator

Don't wait a lot, click the link and fill in the form before 10/10/2021

About the program:
The pre-incubation is a mentorship-driven program that aims to get entrepreneurs with innovative ideas ready to be developed for implementation. Providing mentorship, experience & advice on entrepreneurial competencies, business, and technical aspects, and offering guidance in market research, tuning & shaping their business concept, as well as identifying the risks and opportunities. Therefore, the pre-incubation acts as a pipeline transfer- through helping startups complete the ideating and concepting stages- for the eligibility of participating in the next phase, incubation/prototyping.
Accepted entrepreneurs proceed to the mentorship program which consists of generic coaching and workshops, which mainly focuses on various topics, such as market research, design thinking, business model & customer acquisition, product roadmap design and development, with improving several personal skill-sets of the team led by experienced mentors, for aim to achieve “Problem-solution fit”.